No frills. No gimmicks. No egos. Just face-melting rock and roll.

These high-energy, audience-engaging sonsofbitches are fast and loud and in your face—literally—screaming lyrics of sex and thrills and cranking sweat all over you. But they’re not just a pile of reckless manbodies on stage, they’re passionate musicians with a catalogue of progressive songwriting, big riffs, high-gain guitar solos, and constant raillery.

By reconstructing their lineup over the years, the band has evolved through three namesakes—Werewolves on Wheels, The Motor Creeps, to the now Twin Grizzly—keeping it creatively prolific. The guys are in it solely for the outlet and amusement. In real life, they’re really about working their 9-5s and putting the boots to their wives. How else would you explain the 12 kids between them?

Their typical set list includes chronicled gems, standby singalongs, and newborn tracks still smoking from friction. You can see them riling crowds at the local rites of passage with the likes of Drivetrain, Pubcrawlers, Hey Zeus, The Outsiders, Fifth Freedom, Torn in Two, and so many others in the game.


Vocals : Will Cobb

Lead Guitar : Chris Beaudoin

Rhythm Guitar : Lenny Lednum

Bass Guitar : David Dumais

Drums : Chris Leighton


Photos by James Jay Fortin.