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No frills. No gimmicks. No egos. Just face-melting rock and roll. 

These high-energy, audience-engaging sonsofbitches are fast and loud and in your face—literally—screaming lyrics of sex and thrills and cranking sweat all over you. But they’re not just a pile of reckless manbodies on stage, they’re passionate musicians with a catalogue of progressive songwriting, big riffs, high-gain guitar solos, and constant raillery. 

Their typical set list includes chronicled gems, standby singalongs, and newborn tracks still smoking from friction. You can see them riling crowds at the local rites of passage with the likes of Murcielago, Scissorfight, Supersuckers, Drivetrain, Mound, Thems That Wait, Pubcrawlers, Hey Zeus, The Outsiders, Apollyon, Casket Rats, the Unscarred, Fifth Freedom, Torn in Two, and many others.


Twin Grizzly has made a name for themselves in the local punk, rock, and metal scene that has afforded them some of the best opportunities, which include playing some of New England’s greatest venues including Port City Music Hall, AURA, Portland House Of Music, Sun Tiki Studios, Geno’s, The Cavern, the Shaskeen, Empire, The Dover Brickhouse, Urban Farm Fermentory, and many more. Their high energy, super-tight live performance paired with their professionalism and decades of collective experience guarantees a rock-solid performance night after night.

Their 2020 release of “Together” earned them a #1 spot on the Bull Moose Top 10 local CD & vinyl sales, and was noted by Maine punk veterans The Keeper Class with the comment: “The record absolutely slaps”.


Twin Grizzly perform live at Geno’s Rock Club; Portland, Maine December 9, 2022.


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